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Dear Friends,

The year of Novitiate is coming to a close... there are many more pages and pictures and reflections and sharing to be uploaded but Time and Tide waits for no man.... but I will continue to update whenever I've time. Merry Christmas 2003 and a Happy New Year 2004.

31 dec 2003


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Brisbane Trip

Novices Trip in Nov 2003



(Information about Secular Franciscans Order  by Carl Schafer OFM)

Peace and all Good be with you - St. Francis of Assisi

 I wish I were either rich enough or poor enough to do a lot of things that are impossible in my present comfortable circumstances 

Don Herold

Who, being loved, is poor? 

Oscar Wilde



in the 


of Christ

Journey of an Ofm Novice - following in the footsteps of Christ

Maryfields Friary Campbelltown

Novitate House at "Maryfields Friary" Campbelltown, NSW, Australia
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Updated 31 Decemberl 2003

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to ALL